Palazzo Venezia

Central Plains between Han and Tang Dynasties
July 16th, 2015 - February 28th, 2016
Rome, Palazzo Venezia
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Central Plains between Henan and Tang Central Plains between Henan and Tang

JULY 16th, 2015
FEBRUARY 28th, 2016
Rome, Palazzo Venezia

The masterpieces of the Henan Provincial Museum, one of the largest of the People's Republic of China - will tell of the passage from the Han Dynasty – when today’s China began to take shape – to the Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty (581 AD – 907 AD)

More than 100 pieces will be displayed, including a funerary robe with 2,000 jade listels woven with gold threads, to attest to the extraordinary prosperity and cultural openness of the Tang era, when the capital of the Empire was today's Xi'an



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